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Celebrate your little one's birthday or surprise them with this fantastic imaginative play box! Perfect as a gift, your child can host countless pretend birthday parties for their beloved dolls or stuffed animals, sparking hours of creative and joyous play.


You'll receive 1 "The Night Before My Birthday" book, 1 baker's apron, 1 baker's hat, 1 whisk, 3 blank birthday cards, 3 birthday plates/napkins, 1 birthday gift bag, 1 growth chart, 1 birthday cake recipe card, 1 Parent Resource Guide, 1 bag of popcorn.


The Parent Resource Guide is filled with ideas for imaginative play, questions to inspire conversation, tongue twisters, and more. A Pinterest Board with craft ideas, fun-themed videos, and more are also available! 

The Night Before My Birthday by Natasha Wing

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