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How to Produce a PLACES, PLEASE! Play

We want the theatre to be a fun experience for your family. Your play can be as simple or as complex as you choose. There are 3 options for putting a play together. Choose the one that best works for your family and make it your own!


  • Readers Theatre- In this form of play production, the actors stand or sit in a line facing the audience reading from their scripts. The actor's lines in the script do not need to be memorized. Young children who do not yet read can ad-lib their lines. Actors can wear full or partial costumes or black clothes. They should always be in character and can physically act their part to whatever extent they like. This simple form of theatre is a great way to get new actors comfortable with playing a role and being in front of an audience.


  • Studio Theatre- A Studio Theatre is a small space theatre. With PLACES, PLEASE! plays, we will use this term to refer to producing your show in your living room for your family and maybe a few friends. Costumes, props, and a simple set should be used. Actors can choose to ad-lib or memorize their lines.


  • Main Stage Theatre- Here, we have the ultimate performance experience! Your performance space may be in your family room, garage, or backyard. Actors have memorized their lines, created a believable character, and rehearsed every aspect of the show. Chairs are set and ready for the audience, which may even have purchased tickets! You can serve complimentary popcorn, snacks, and drinks or have them available for purchase. Consider donating 10% of your profits to a local theatre!


Whichever form of production you choose, the bottom line is to have fun! Do your best and know that live theatre can be full of mistakes. Learning to stay in character at all times while on stage develops focus and discipline!

Interactive Educational Theatre Sites
PBS Learning Media for Theatre

PBS offers a wonderful place for kids to discover the world of theatre! There are so many resources here. Be sure to check out a the interactive links below for designing a set, applying stage makeup, lighting a stage and more!

Know It All

Know It All also has a number of really great interactive learning tools for kids.

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