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Let's Put On A Show curriculum is designed to ignite your 8-16 year-olds creativity and passion for the performing arts! Our all-in-one kit includes everything to produce three short plays and learn the basics of acting. Each of the three boxes consists of a unique play, scripts for each actor, a director's script with a four-week step-by-step production calendar, and a few props/costumes specific to each play. This bundle includes a step-by-step curriculum guide, including beginning acting lessons, warm-ups, theatre games, improvisation games, and a list of theatre vocabulary.


In addition, our online instructional videos feature our PLACES, PLEASE! Players who will guide learners through each lesson, warm-up, and game. 


AND! Let's Put On A Show is designed to be student-led! Go ahead...grab a cup of tea, sit down, and relax as your kids engage in cooperative, creative play. 

Let's Put On A Show Curriculum Bundle

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