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PLACES, PLEASE! Littles Imaginative Play Boxes

Monthly Subscriptions Boxes for Ages 3-8

Featured in USA Today's Top Christmas Gifts for Kids!


Let's Put On A Show Box

I was so so so excited to open this box. Let me tell you, it blew me away. You can tell it was put together by someone who was very knowledgeable about theatre. Me and my kids are gonna have so much fun putting this play together!!

Andrea, Nashville, TN


Let's Put On A Show Box

First, there’s really nothing out there quite like this box. This box has highly-detailed plans, 5 script copies, costume items, a binder of curriculum and drama info that you build up with every box. 

What you’re getting is the real deal, not a watered-down baby version of theater education.

Erin, Brooklyn, NY


Littles Box Imaginative Play Box

My children are age 4 and 6. We absolutely loved this box!!! You can tell that each item in the box was carefully selected to add to the experience. It came with a parent guide which made it easy to navigate through the box. The box is themed with the storybook inside.

Shana, Black Diamond, WA

Choose Your Experience

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Littles Imaginative Play

Ages 3-8




Let's Put On A Show

Ages 8-16

$59.95 bi-monthly

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