Meet Nicho

Nicho Young is our amazing scriptwriter. His natural sense of humor is clear in each of the plays he writes for PLACES, PLEASE! 

When he's not writing scripts, he's home chasing three little ones while his wife works as an ER nurse caring for coronavirus patients.

Fun fact: Nicho was one of Lisa's drama students when he was in high school. His favorite role was playing Thorin Oakenshield in a production of "The Hobbit."

Meet Lisa

PLACES, PLEASE! got its start about 4 years ago when I was directing a production of "Mary Poppins" and had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for getting to share theatre with kids. I've been a drama teacher for over 22 years and am passionate about how participating in theatre can benefit and transform kids. So many kids struggle with self confidence and many simply can't seem to find their place in school or in friend groups. 

Theatre is a place where anyone can belong. It's a place to build communication skills, self-confidence and focus. It's a place to learn how to make creative choices, develop the imagination and express emotion. Theatre is a place to meet new friends and build relationships based on respect and working together. 

PLACES, PLEASE! is a way of exposing kids to theatre who may not have this opportunity in their school. It's a way that homeschool families can bring the arts into their education program. It's a way for serious theatre kids to build their skills at home so when they go to an audition at a local theatre company they will have an edge over the other actors. 

My hope is to build a nationwide group of PLACES, PLEASE! Players who understand the value of hard work and fun, can display empathy and compassion to others and who have found their place on stage and in life. 

To learn more about the benefits of theatre for kids go to "Why Theatre?"

Meet Ivy Lou

I am so very excited to introduce you to our incredible PLACES, PLEASE! illustrator, Ivy Lou. This homeschooled girl has crazy talent, and the surprising thing is that she is only 13 years old! Another fun fact about this sweet girl is, her mother was a drama student of Lisa's many years ago. ⁣

"I've been drawing for about four years, and I've always been a big fan of cartoons when it comes to character design and background art. One day, I'd like to create my own show and characters for others to enjoy!" -Ivy Lou⁣


Photo 1- Ivy Lou, self-portrait ⁣
Photo 2- "The Show Must Go On" a PLACES, PLEASE! script illustration by Ivy Lou




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