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How It Works

Each box holds hours of entertainment and learning! After you've completed your show, use the box to store scripts, costumes, and props in for future use. 
You'll receive a script for each actor and a director's script complete with ideas for producing the show.
Four essential costumes and/or props will get you started on making your characters come alive. 
Once you've subscribed, you'll receive a PLACES, PLEASE! curriculum notebook with tabs to hold lessons for acting skills, warmup games, improvisation, vocabulary, and the history of theatre. Each subsequent subscription box will include additional lessons that will build upon the skills and knowledge in each of these subject areas. 
We've also included a little surprise for your audience!

Want to learn more?

The PLACES, PLEASE! subscription box and curriculum design is to educate and train children in theatre arts. Every other month, you will receive a script for each actor and one for the director. The director's script gives details on how to direct and ideas for costumes, props, and set. The director can be one of the actors, a child, or a parent. You will also receive a few warm-up games and 2-3 acting lessons to practice while rehearsing the play. Acting skills will build with each box you receive.

When you subscribe to PLACES, PLEASE! boxes, you will receive a mini binder with tabs to hold the bi-monthly lessons you receive in each box. The notebook tabs will be labeled "Warm-Up Games," "Acting Skills," "Improvisation," "Theatre Vocabulary," and "History of Theatre." The subjects of the first four tabs will coincide with the play.

Each play will have a moral or value lesson such as "How to Be a Good Friend," or "Raising Earth-Friendly Kids." The PLACES, PLEASE! Pinterest board has resources for parents on each of these topics. It also includes ideas on how to costume, build props and sets, or "talk like a pirate!" 
"History of Theatre" will begin with Greek theatre and progress to the modern-day. The PLACES, PLEASE! Pinterest board will have lots of fun resources for building a curriculum plan including craft projects like making a Greek theatre mask and Medieval pageant wagons. Studying theatre history is a very fun way to expand your study of world history!

If you have any questions about how the PLACES, PLEASE! subscription box and curriculum works, please email Lisa at
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