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Every kid wants to be a Superhero! Now with the help of Kristy Dempsey's book, Superhero Instruction Manual, and PLACES, PLEASE! Littles Imagination Box your child can create their own unique Superhero personality.

This box comes with everything needed to imagine the perfect Superhero and make a personalized cape and mask. Included are 1 "Superhero Instruction Manual" book, 2 superhero capes and masks, 2 superhero cape patches, 2 packages of cape patch decoration stickers, 2 My Superhero Character Sheets, 1 Parent Resource Guide, and 1 bag of popcorn.


The Parent Resource Guide is filled with ideas for imaginative play, questions to inspire conversation, tongue twisters, and more. A Pinterest Board with craft ideas, fun-themed videos, and more are also available!

Superhero Instruction Manual by Kristy Dempsey

$49.95 Regular Price
$39.95Sale Price
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