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PLACES, PLEASE! Littles Imaginative Play Boxes

PLACES, PLEASE! Littles is a monthly subscription box focused on imaginative play for children ages 3-8

The PLACES, PLEASE! Littles box will draw your child into a world of imaginative play through story, costumes, props, and parent resources. 

Each month you'll receive:

  • A storybook

  • Three to five props and/or costume pieces

  • A Parent Resource Guide filled with ideas on imaginative play scenarios, questions to inspire conversation, warm-ups such as fun tongue twisters, and many other ideas to spark creativity and imagination.

  • A treat for your audience

  • A custom storage box 


As a subscriber, you have access to many resources, including:

  • Pinterest boards for each play with resources for costuming, learning accents, background music to play for your audience, articles for parent's to learn more about the value lesson associated with the script (ex: Raising earth-friendly kids and teaching your kids how to be a good friend.) and more.

  • YouTube videos that coincide with lessons

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