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Online Acting Classes

Complimentary acting classes are offered for PLACES, PLEASE! Subscribers. All class participants must have the box for the class they are signing up for. To subscribe go here.

PLACES, PLEASE! Theatre Boxes are sequential as they are step-by-step acting lessons. The first box every subscriber will receive is "The Treasure Within". Subsequent boxes are as follows. Box 2: "Amazing Addy," Box 3: "Wasteful Wanda of the Wild West," Box 4: "The Mysterious Mystery That Was A Mystery," and so on.

Each class is held once a week for four weeks. Classes focus on acting lessons, warm-ups, and improv games that are included with each script. It will also walk actors through the process of producing their play. At the end of the four weeks, your children will be ready to perform their play for an audience.


Sign up is for the whole group that will be performing the play, not for individuals. Although, if you have a single child that has the box, you can still register! Please sign up below to receive a link to the Zoom class. Class size is limited to 5 groups so sign up soon!

If you have any questions, please email Lisa at

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