Frequently asked questions

How many people are required to put on a PLACES, PLEASE! play?

While it’s possible to combine some characters to accommodate a few people, the best experience will call for 4 people. In some families, parents take one or two of the roles. This provides hours of family fun and interaction! It also gives opportunity for parents to discuss why characters in the play are behaving a certain way and how that might affect others.

These plays were originally designed for siblings, friends and neighborhood children to get together and put on a play.

Some of my children are not at reading level yet. Can they participate?

Yes! Have your children who can read memorize their lines. Your younger children can “ad lib” their lines.

Are all costumes and props provided in the box?

No. There are generally four pieces provided. You will receive a list of other costume pieces and props that you can find around your house.

Do we need to use the curriculum to put on the PLACES, PLEASE! plays?

No. The curriculum is provided for those who want to learn how to act and potentially get involved in community or school theatre. All PLACES, PLEASE! plays can be produced as simply or complex as you would like. The most important thing is that you have fun with it!

Do I need to have theatre experience?

No, PLACES, PLEASE! theatre boxes is a step-by-step acting curriculum that anyone can do. There are many resources provided to support someone new to the art of theatre. Some of those resources are basic acting skills curriculum, a week-by-week schedule to put on a full show for an audience and a Pinterest board with resources specific to each bi-monthly play.