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PLACES, PLEASE! Theatre Curriculum
Year Two


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The Show Must Go On
The Mysterious Mystery That Was A Mystery
The Birthday

Three theatre boxes each featuring:

  • A unique script with a value lesson

  • Four to five scripts: one for each character in the play

  • One director's script with complete instructions on how to produce the play with a four week step-by-step calendar

  • Four to five props and/or costume pieces

  • Five mechanical pencils: one for each actor to take notes during rehearsals

  • One highlighter: for the cast to highlight lines in their scripts

  • A custom storage box 

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One curriculum binder which includes sections on acting skills, warm-up games, improvisation, and theatre vocabulary. 


Access to instructional videos for each lesson

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Pinterest boards for each play with resources for costuming, learning accents, background music to play for your audience, articles for parent's to learn more about the value lesson associated with each script and more

Additional resources include: 

  • Access to our Facebook group to share and gain ideas from other PLACES, PLEASE! families

  • Extra costumes, props, theatre resources available through our online store

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